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- Mutluluk -
September 20th, Saturday, 8:00pm
Abdullah Oguz (2007)

In this finely acted drama, a young woman is raped and becomes
the target of an honor killing because she is deemed "tainted"
by the elderly men of her village. Meryem's fate lies in the hands
of a distant cousin, Cemal, who is charged with transporting her
to Istanbul, where he is to abandon her body.

"The Edge of Heaven"
- Yasamin Kiyisinda -
September 27th, Saturday, 8:00pm
Fatih Akin (2007)

Winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival,
The Edge of Heaven is a haunting film with multiple narratives
interwoven in the Babel mode. Fatih Akin's complex tale moves from
Germany to Turkey, centering on two mothers, two daughters, and a
father and a son. Each pair negotiates ever-widening generational
and geographic distances.

"Times and Winds"
- Bes Vakit -
October 4th, Saturday, 8:00pm
Reha Erdem (2006)

The poetic and visually ravishing Times and Winds, winner of the
Best Turkish Film Award at the 2006 Istanbul Film Festival, is the
fourth feature from director Reha Erdem. Structured around the five
Islamic daily calls to prayer, it explores rural life through the eyes
of two boys, Omer and Yakup, and their female friend Yildiz. All are on
the cusp of adolescence and saddled with families who curb their dreams
and desires as surely as the mountain and sea confine their isolated village.

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